Photography & Intaglio Prints

About the Photographs

Taking the Photograph

The photographs were taken primarily using a large format view camera that produces a 4" x 5" negative.  On occasion, other medium format or 35mm cameras were used.  Using such a camera is more contemplative than photographing with a smaller, hand-held camera.  It is more akin to a painter setting up an easel and studying the imagery because of the need to study the light, set up the camera, adjust the view, and make the final exposure.

Making the Photograph

Photographs in this collection were hand printed using traditional darkroom methods.  The techniques used in the darkroom follow archival standards to ensure the longevity of the print.  Each print is a black and white photograph printed on gelatin silver paper and toned for permanence.  The type of paper used is tailored to the tonal quality that fits the subject matter. As such, there is a slight difference in tones from image to image. 

Finishing the Photograph

Abazzia di San Galgano, Italy

Abazzia di San Galgano, Italy

Each photograph is part of a limited edition of 50 regardless of print size.  Each print is numbered and signed by the artist.  All prints are mounted on 100% cotton rag museum board which is acid-free, lignin free and non-buffered to protect the integrity of the photograph.  The print is mounted on the museum board using an acid-free dry mount tissue.  For framed prints, the glass or plexiglass used are products which protect the print from ultraviolet light rays.  The standard frame is black aluminum.  Other frame types are available upon request.

Displaying the Photograph

Photographs should not be displayed in direct sunlight.  With proper care the print will last for generations.

Giclée Reproductions

Print sizes greater than 20x24 inches are offered in high quality giclée reproductions printed on Halmamühle 100% contain photo rag paper using quality inks.