Photography & Intaglio Prints


My father introduced me to the magic of photography while I was in grade school.  I started with simple cameras and fairly simple darkroom techniques.  As I grew up, my father fostered my techniques and abilities by supplying more sophisticated cameras and darkroom equipment.  For me, photography has always been wonderful blend of art and science.

Classroom, Iowa

Classroom, Iowa

Black and white photography allows us to see the world in a manner which draws our attention to light, forms, and textures we may otherwise miss. Black and white images reveal the music of the world around us and a rhythm which we cannot detect with the full range of colors.

As a musician as well as a photographer, I believe there is similarity between interpreting notes on a musical score and interpreting the world around me through photographs.  Each calls for a sense of creative interpretation as well as an emotional investment in the final work.  My hope is that those who view my prints can see the world with the same richness an brilliance I see through my lens.

Recently, I have become a student of printmaking at the Art Students League of Denver, exploring the process of making intaglio prints from my photographs.  The mage in intaglio provides a whole new feel and interpretation of my photographs.

My images have been shown in galleries in the Denver area and are part of private and corporate collections.  I have won several recognitions including the Best of Show in the Denver Art Museum Western Nature Photographic Competition (1982).  

I am currently represented by Artwork Network in the Santa Fe Art District on Denver.